about us


Camryn Lane Florals is a home based floral business in Reno, NV; dedicated to creating the perfect floral arrangements, for whatever occasion it may be.

About Camryn:

 I was born and raised in Reno, and I am so glad to be growing my business here! I dream of opening a store front, after I grow my business out of my home. I complete all weddings and other arrangements out of my garage, and as much as I want a store front, I love having a space in my home that I can go to at anytime to work on floral arranging. 

I appreciate and admire the little things in life, and people who simply love to live. I have an obsession with everything vintage, especially vintage floral print. Quality time with the people I love, getting my hands dirty in a garden, crafting or cooking, and long road trips make me the happiest. (Basically I am an old lady trapped in this young body of mine)

I am so grateful for all my previous clients who supported me since the beginning; to my surprise, I am way busier than I ever expected to be this early on. I can't thank all the people here in this little city enough for all the support! My goal is to bring the perfect vision to life for your wedding/event. Sharing the beauty of flowers keeps me going, and I appreciate your interest in my business more than you know!


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