W I L D & C A P A B L E


Community + photography + floral design

SATURday, FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Our Mission

To create a safe space for creatives; where everyone feels capable of chasing their dreams, and has the courage to embrace their own style while doing it!



if you and a friend book at the same time you will each RECEIVE $100 off

$200 retainer required to save your spot

WHo would benefit the most

This workshop is for budding creatives hoping to grow their wedding business. Although our lessons are focused on photography and floral design, this would be a great learning experience for anyone in the wedding industry - any level of experience is welcome! Our main goal for this workshop is not only to teach what we love the most, but to create friendships and grow the creative community here in Reno/Tahoe. We have both learned that the most crucial part of our business is not only striving for great relationships with our clients, but being in community with the other creatives around us.

What we hope you will get out of this

How to:

  • photograph a wedding start to finish

  • design a show-stopping bridal bouquet to take home

  • design with flowers from a home garden

  • start a creative business

  • build a brand

  • plan a styled shoot

  • get in touch with other creatives in your community

  • be confident in embracing your style through your work

  • find inspiration from your own experiences instead of other peoples work

  • grow on social media

  • successfully book a wedding

  • foster the best client experience

  • make clients comfortable in front of the camera

  • be a confident business owner

    What the day will look like

    9 am - welcome coffee & chat

    photography & building a brand from terra

    snack break

    bridal bouquet demonstration & finding your own version of inspiration

    headshots by terra

    mingling over lunch

    indoor backdrop shoot

    styled elopement shoot at sunset

    6 pm - goodbyes & goodie bags

    Estimated time 9AM-6PM

    one location all day in northwest reno

    we will send our planned itinerary about one month before the event


Hi, I’m Terra!

I started red poppy photography 2 years ago! But my love of taking pictures and making people feel comfortable in front of the camera came years before that, when I nannied in New York and started playing with my first camera. Before Red Poppy was created I wasn’t sure of the path I wasn’t to take with it- until my best friend Bayley and her sweet babe passed away. It became to clear to me that using all my experiences good or bad to lift women up was the true purpose.  Since that big change in my business mission my photography started to take off and I was learning crazy amounts about the ins and outs of the wedding biz...that’s when I knew I wanted to share what I have learned + share my story to success through authenticity. I am hoping to still learn + grow everyday and see my passion change constantly. 
I can’t wait for this new teaching endeavor and hope to form amazing new friendships and help those follow their dreams too!


Hi, I’m Camryn!

I am a wedding florist in Reno/Tahoe, and I absolutely love what I do. I find most of my inspiration walking through thrift stores, or spending time outdoors here in this little city. I am a huge fan of vintage: pretty much anything old that tells a story has my heart. I grew up hoping to be a teacher, but soon found out I didn’t love school one bit haha! I let the dream go as soon as I started playing with flowers. I have recently come to the conclusion that I do love teaching, but I was meant to teach something very different from what I thought I would. You will most definitely learn about floral design at this workshop, but I have felt a tugging on my heart to share the worries and stresses that held me back when starting this business, and how I got past that. So you will hear about that as well! My dream for this workshop is that even just one person walks away feeling more confident about what they do!

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