Helianthus Floral Design is a home based floral business in Reno, NV; dedicated to creating the perfect floral arrangements, whatever occasion it may be. Our main focus is weddings, which has been the heart of this business since the very beginning. Creating flower arrangements and styling for other special events, teaching classes, and occasional pop up shops is where we spend the rest of our time.

meet the owner

 Camryn is the owner, operator, and designer. She handles emails, purchasing, designing, and everything else that goes along with owning a floral business. Friends and family help her with deliveries and set up. She was born and raised in Reno, and loves growing a business here. She dreams of opening a store front, after growing business out of her home. All weddings and other arrangements are completed in her at home studio.

"I appreciate and admire the little things in life, and people who simply love to live. I have an obsession with everything vintage - especially vintage floral print. Quality time with the people I love, getting my hands dirty in a garden, crafting or cooking, and long road trips make me the happiest (basically I am an old lady trapped in this young body of mine).

I am so grateful for all my previous clients who have supported me since the beginning. I can't thank all the people here in this little city enough for all the support! My goal is to bring the perfect vision to life for your wedding/event. Sharing the beauty of flowers keeps me going, and I appreciate your interest in my business more than you know!"

- Camryn