19 things i've learned over 19 years

First of all, I want to say thank you if you’re here reading this. I have a lot of fun writing and although I know I am not great at it, it’s somewhat of a creative outlet for me! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my posts.

Today is my nineteenth birthday! I have said it before, but sharing my age is very vulnerable for me. Almost everyone I am surrounded by is much older than me, which can be extremely intimidating. As I sit here writing this I am so grateful for this life I am living and I just can’t wait to see what else it brings. I feel like I have come to a lot of realizations the past few years and I wanted to document it. I got the idea from a friend of mine named Lora. 19 isn’t that cool of a number lol, but I wanted to write out the top 19 things I have learned about life and all that comes along with it.

  1. It is okay to do things differently than what is considered normal

  2. It won’t matter who or how many people love you if you don’t love yourself first

  3. Surrounding yourself with people that are different than you helps you grow

  4. Practicing gratitude can change your life

  5. Pay attention to the little things - what makes your heart smile

  6. You need a few very close friends and your family to make it through

  7. Having faith in God can wholeheartedly change the way you live

  8. Worrying does not serve you

  9. You can do anything if you just have the confidence

  10. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is the absolute best way to get better at anything

  11. Worrying about what other people think only holds you back

  12. The key to having everything is believing you do (saw this somewhere and it really stuck)

  13. Don’t be hard on yourself - give yourself grace now and then

  14. Don’t forget to smile (my life motto that I got tattooed on my arm on my last birthday)

  15. It is very important to pay attention to being healthy but don’t let that consume you if you slip up

  16. You are worthy of love and happiness no matter how you’re feeling

  17. You will never be able to accomplish what you were put on this earth to create if you compare yourself to others

  18. Life is 100% what you make it - you can decide if life is for you or against you

  19. Age truly is just a number

Thanks again for reading, and here’s to another great year! I am happy to say I feel my best this year emotionally and mentally. May you also take a second to reflect on all that you have learned over your years!

Camryn Lane