1:1 workshop with the potted pansy

Back in October, I packed up a bag, picked up a photographer friend here in Reno, and we headed to Utah. I was going there for a one on one workshop with a florist, and he came along for the ride so I didn’t have to drive alone. I wanted to share this story because it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Just a little background - I have always been a bit shy, I am most definitely a home-body, and I tend to get really anxious driving where I am unfamiliar. So to driving to Utah to stay alone, and spend the day with a stranger, wasn’t exactly a normal thing for me!


The main reason I chose to do a one on one was because I couldn’t make it to her normal workshop. Another reason is that I am super shy in group settings, but can talk any ear off when alone, so I figured it would be perfect haha! I knew that this experience was going to make me uncomfortable, but I knew that I was going to learn a lot, so I went for it. I have to admit I wasn’t that nervous leading up to it. I like to say I am an emotional procrastinator. By that I mean that I know a lot of things make me nervous, so I put off the feelings until the very last minute and then it hits me like a train right before. In the end it ends up being better that way, because I don’t think too much about it until it’s too late to put the emotions aside any longer haha!

I was pretty nervous the day of, but I figured it wouldn’t be too bad conversing with someone who loves flowers just as much as I do! I was right, it was so much fun! We talked, ate, played with flowers, and did a shoot with our arrangements. No day could’ve ever been better. I was able to choose two things to create that day, and I chose a bridal bouquet and centerpiece. I struggle with bouquets the most, and I have the most fun creating centerpieces. She demonstrated how she creates the arrangement, then I got to make my own, and of course we talked about all the things throughout the whole process.


This gave me such a great look into what I want my business to be, and what I should be doing to get there. I learned about design, color theory, and my style. She was the best mentor and was willing to share so much information with me. I am so beyond grateful to have had that experience! If anyone is a florist or in a creative I highly recommend investing in a 1:1 workshop or a mentorship.

Being in a creative industry, that doesn’t really require anything but experience, I believe it is so important to keep learning even if you are successful where you are at. I am hoping to do another workshop or 1:1 this year as well! With all that being said I think that we all have to keep learning, and to do things that make us feel uncomfortable, in order to grow!


Big thanks to Mandy with The Potted Pansy for being so willing to share with me, and to Ciara Spring Photography for taking these amazing photos

Camryn Lane