diy floral backdrop

A big cheers to my first DIY blog post! I will now be posting a do-it-yourself flower project once a month. I decided to do this because I am a crafter at heart, so this feeds my soul. I also know that there is always a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party that definitely needs some sprucing up, and what better way than with flowers?


I have seen this done a few different ways, and I obsess over it every time; I decided to try it myself, and share it with you guys! This would be the perfect back drop at any party, and I think that it could even work at a wedding or special event.

You Will Need:

  • tape that will adhere to a wall

  • floral snips

  • variety of flowers and fillers

I used floral tape, which is waterproof and super sticky. This worked really well for me - I loved the thinness, and the simple green color. You can find this tape at a floral supply, craft store, or online. Some other options would be thin duct tape, washi tape, or masking tape.

I got my flower variety from a small local flower farm, picked some from my pots out back, and a few were left over from a wedding (which were ordered online and shipped to me from farms).



  1. Process the flowers (remove packaging, trim stems, place in fresh water)

  2. Clean the wall to ensure the tape will stick

  3. Cut the flowers down to a good length (anywhere from 4-12 in.)

  4. Attach flowers to wall row by row vertically


Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • heavier flowers with thicker stems will need a piece of tape at the top and bottom of the stem where as thin stems will only need one piece

  • not planning a pattern and making it up as you go turns out more natural looking

  • pay attention to where you are placing the same color flower if you aren’t wanting a pattern

  • using a variety of textured flowers often looks the best

  • drinking a cup of tea while creating this makes the finished project 10x better


I hope that this project comes in handy one day, and you enjoy creating it just as much as I did!


Any thoughts on these posts are very helpful and greatly appreciated! Don’t forget share your project with me if you try it too!

Camryn Lane