spring arrangement class at the nest reno

Two weeks ago I taught my third class at The Nest, the first of a three class series, and it was my favorite one yet! Kendall from Sirberry Photography joined us and took some amazing photos. It is so fun for me to be able to look back at events like this, because more often than not I'm so busy thinking about what I am going to say, I forget what even happened!


I would have never thought that one day I would be teaching classes. I once could barely raise my hand in class, let alone talk in front of more than just a few people. Each class I teach gets easier for me, and I do enjoy teaching. Growing up I wanted to be a teacher, so this is the best of both worlds for me!

This particular class was a small intimate group, but i didn't mind that at all! I explained the basics of how I arrange, we got everyone situated with a drink and a snack, and then they started to design for themselves. 


When I am making an arrangement for a wedding, I just make it without thinking about what I am actually doing. Teaching classes helps me to take time and think about every element I am putting in next, which in the long run inspires me, and reminds me of the reason I enjoy flowers so much. 

It is so fun to see everyone choose different flowers, and how every arrangement turned out different. Each arrangement looked unique, and I loved walking around seeing the different styles. 


Tessa, the owner of The Nest, always participates, and helps me out at the same time. We have two classes coming up, and she has other classes at her store often, be sure to check them out!

Hope to see you at the next class!

Our next class is on April 11th at 6 pm; we will be making long lasting dried flower crowns, with pops of air plants. These crowns are perfect for a music festival or a wedding this summer!

Camryn Lane