2018 year in review

The past year was hands down one of the best, but hardest years I have lived through. It was the first successful year running this business, and with that came a lot of learning. It was also the year I turned 18, got a puppy, bought a car, moved out of my parents house into an apartment, then moved in with my boyfriend, completed 57 weddings, and lots of other small orders. 2018 flew by, but I feel as if it was 5 years jammed into one. I learned so much about business, the wedding industry, my style, who I am, and what real life is like once you have bills and don’t live with your parents haha!

I look back and can’t believe how far I have come from who I was a few years ago, and how much my mindset has changed. I have learned so much about myself and who I am. I am so grateful to be figuring out this business and how I want my life to be at such a young age!

What I Did Right:

  • Said no a lot more often to things that wouldn't fill me up (didn’t do this as well when it came to booking weddings)

  • Got a really good sense of my style and what I want this business to be

  • I knew exactly how long each wedding would take me so I was able to plan more efficiently and stay on time

  • Toward the end of the year I spent a lot of time practicing self care

  • Stepped out of my comfort zone many times throughout the year

Where I Went Wrong:

  • I overbooked myself on many more weekends than one which left me feeling drained and burned out

  • Didn’t spend enough time doing things I love or spend enough time with family

  • I was really hard on myself mentally and I compared myself to others WAY too much

  • I jumped into things really quick before I had time to think about them

  • Had no self confidence what-so-ever


I moved out of my parents house in June, which put me in a bit of a funk, and made me really realize who I am. It honestly wasn’t the best thing to happen as wedding season was starting, but life seems to happen on its own schedule! I was so busy this Summer, and dealing with the change threw me through a loop. I have always struggled with self confidence, but right around that same time is when it reached its all time high. It started to affect my business, because I was constantly putting myself down, and worrying that no one liked what I was creating. This year I definitely learned how to overcome that, and to not think too much about what other people think of me. After this past wedding season I feel way more confident about who I am and my work. I feel so much more comfortable being myself!

I did many things that were very far out of my comfort zone. By the end of the year I purposely pushed myself into uncomfortable situations because I knew that is where I grow the most. I made new friends, went to networking events, spoke on a podcast, stayed in Utah alone for a 1:1 workshop, met with so many clients that are older than me, and taught a few classes. Speaking in front of people, working with brides who are much older than me, and making new friends are some of the scariest things to me. This year was unlike any other year, because I pushed myself a little further out of my comfort zone.

I was a bit too hard on myself and I felt I could never do enough. The to-do lists kept growing as I was only checking off a few things a day. I have so many little projects I want to get done for this business but never enough time. I came to the conclusion, that being a business owner is really just having a mile long to-do list every day, and only checking off two things. Totally kidding, it’s many other amazing things. But let’s be real, there is never enough time in the day! I have been wanting to post this blog post for the past few days but life kept getting in the way, and I couldn’t find the time to finish it. I was starting to get really upset with myself, and that’s when I decided that this new year I am going to work hard, but give myself a little grace when I have a lot of other things going on.

Words for the Year:


Goals for the New Year:

  • Book less weddings but ones that are more substantial

  • Take time to do things I love more often and continue practicing self care

  • Be a little less hard on myself

  • Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.

  • Rebrand this business a bit and make it more me

  • Think more throughly before I make big decisions

    Twenty Eighteen was one for the books. It was filled with so many great things, as well a few negative things, but I wouldn’t the experiences for the world. It blows my mind how fast a year fly’s by, but also how many things can happen in just a short year! These past few days of the new year have me feeling so excited for all that is to come. Looking forward to another wedding filled year, I will just be in a better mind set this time around! I hope that everyone is feeling excited about this little fresh start, and that your motivation lasts more than just this first part of the year. Cheers to the New Year! Only about a week late…

Camryn Lane