Helianthus Floral Design is a home based floral business in Reno, NV. We are dedicated to creating nature inspired floral arrangements, for whatever occasion it may be. Our main focus is weddings, which has been the heart of this business since the very beginning. It is our top priority to express your unique personality and style through the arrangements, for your special occasion!


get to know me

I appreciate and admire the little things in life, and people who simply love to live. I am a very sentimental person, and I find meaning in most things. I have been told I have an old soul, and I have an obsession with everything vintage. Something about anything that looks aged or worn in, just gets me. You can find dried flowers, and vintage floral print all over my home. Quality talks over a cup of coffee, getting my hands dirty in a garden, and long road trips make me the happiest. I find most of my inspiration from this little desert town I have called home my whole life. It isn’t all the time you see beautiful flowers growing here, which inspires me to find even more beauty in the few things that do grow great. I love adding dried textures to my arrangements, and things that remind me of my life here in Reno.

I am so grateful for all my previous clients who have supported me since the beginning. I can't thank the people here in this little city enough for all of the support! My goal is to bring the perfect vision to life for your wedding or event. Adding sentimental touches to your wedding day, is a huge dream of mine. Sharing the beauty of flowers keeps me going, and I appreciate your interest in my business more than you know!

Meaning behind the name

I chose the business name for a few different reasons. Helianthus is the official name of a sunflower, and I had always dreamed of having a business name that was the real name of a plant or flower. When I was younger, gardening was a favorite hobby of mine, and sunflowers were my favorite thing to grow - just about the easiest flower to grow here in the desert. Many varieties of wild sunflowers are native to Nevada. As I have lived in Reno, NV my whole life, that really spoke to me, because I wanted a name that represented me and my life.